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Welcome to Peace of Mind

Therapy in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Hi I’m Julia and welcome to Peace of Mind. I offer therapy in Ilkley, West Yorkshire to adults and children.

Coping with life can be tough. Particularly recently when all of our ideas of safety have been challenged. Worries can escalate into panic attacks; sadness can become deep-rooted. If you’re wanting to make sense of life’s complexities and start the journey to a better you – let’s talk.

If you’re wanting to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing then you’ve come to the right place.

Counselling, mental health therapy, coaching – whatever you call it, if you want things to change then get in touch.

Children through to older adults, professional or personal issues, face-to-face or online – I can offer therapy session to help you feel better about yourself and life.

When you book your initial appointment, you’re taking the first vital step to changing things for yourself because you’re willing to invest in yourself.

Peace of Mind therapy sessions can have a lifetime value and benefits. You’ll learn so much about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Julia Balderstone
Enjoy a healthier mind and personalised one-to-one therapy

Why Work With me?

I am an experienced occupational therapist and master practitioner of NLP, accredited by the HCPC and INLPA.

I can help you to overcome aspects of your life that are challenging. You don’t have to suffer from a mental health condition, you may just want to experience things differently.

Regular treatments for anxiety/low mood/phobias often fail as they don’t address the root cause.

I will help you to understand your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and move towards your own personal goals. I will help you to resource yourself and overcome the issues that you bring, allowing you to develop new ways of being and build resilience for the future.

I offer a free 30-minute conversation to discuss the primary issues that you want to address and also look at what treatments or therapies you’ve received so far. I will offer honest guidance as to whether I feel that my approach will work for you. I will tailor the techniques to your specific requirements and am open to being led by you and your needs.

Peace of Mind - find your way
Together, lets transform your thinking and create real change.
Peace of Mind - don't suffer
You don’t have to suffer a mental health condition, you may just want to experience things differently.

About Me

I have over 14 years experience supporting people to make positive changes to their lives. This has been primarily as a qualified Occupational Therapist working within NHS mental health services offering 1-1 support, practical advice and talking therapies including cognitive-behavioural therapy. Some text in here about CBT

Having discovered neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) 3 years ago, I gradually incorporated it into my work. Now as an independent practitioner I use a variety of techniques including NLP, Occupational Therapy, OldPain2Go and Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, depending on what each client brings and wants to change.

During my 20’s I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and decided to learn how to overcome these. This was a challenging journey that took some time and made me realise that not all therapies worked.

In my 30’s I had to focus on my mindset whilst going through several rounds of IVF. I learnt about the powerful connection between the mind and body and how my thoughts and expectation were affecting the physical outcome.

I am now free of panic attacks and have been for many years. I still occasionally suffer with anxiety however I am able to control this and use it to my advantage.

And yes!… the IVF worked after 3 rounds and a big shift in my awareness and mindset.

My own personal journey has been positively influenced by my use of various NLP techniques and the training I have undertaken.

How can I help you?

OT looks at how you function day to day and what obstacles may stop you from achieving what you want.

NLP is used to facilitate change by exploring the relationship between the mind & body, language and patterns of behaviour.

Both of these therapies are interested in ‘how you tick’. No-one is the same so all sessions with me are bespoke and unique to you and your requirements

I use NLP techniques to facilitate change in how you think and feel; reprogramming old internal programs, patterns of behaviour that are no longer of use or out of date.

While there is a counselling element to my approach, the key is changing the part of you that has been holding you back or has been resistant to change.

Therapies I offer

  • Occupational therapy
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • OldPain2Go – Chronic physical & emotional pain 
  • I am also in the process of completing IEMT (Integrated Eye Movement Therapy)

What to expect

My therapeutic practice uses a humanistic approach and takes various elements from my extensive experience and training.

All of my sessions involve NLP – a framework to shift old programs of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we have often had for years.

I find NLP to be a natural solution to address many of life’s challenges without masking the root cause.

Sessions usually last around 90 minutes.

During the initial consultation I will discuss your needs and changes that you would like to make and set out a plan to make the first steps towards that change.

Times, venue and availability vary – I offer flexible weekday and evening sessions. Please contact me for more details.

Therapy in Ilkley - Peace of Mind Ilkley
Let’s transform your thinking and create real change


” I have learned more about myself and healed more in the last 6 months through working with Julia than I have in over twenty years of trying traditional counselling or using self help books”.

” I look forward to my zoom calls with Julia because I always feel I understand something more about myself after every session and it leaves me feeling as though a weight has been lifted off shoulders”.
NH – Devon

“Julia has helped me understand how all my thoughts, feelings and actions are linked and through understanding different processes of my mind and using easy to follow techniques she has helped me to release so much guilt that I didn’t even realise was there.”

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